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Meerut Public School

Welcome to our School

Affiliated By : Central Board of Secondary Education , New Delhi

For : Co Education

 Sector-1, Ved Vyas Puri,(Opp - Subharti University) Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Meerut, Meerut : 250005

  •    Number shows only 8AM to 6PM
  • Mrs. Bela Chadha

Private school

Amenities: First Aid , Sannitation

A Little About Us

Opportunities are the launch pads, which propel a person towards greater heights of success. Meerut Public Schools Group, one of the pioneers in the field of education, was established in the year 1982 with the farsighted vision of creating a society that believes in human values. MPS Group had a long cherished dream to enkindle the darker nooks and corners with the light of education, to open a public school of repute which would impart education not only on modern techniques but where ethical, mental, physical and spiritual values are also taken care of. A concrete shape was given to their dream and thus another feather was added to their cap in the form of MPS, Vedvyaspuri which came into existence in the year 2015. It is a place where the latent potential of the children are brought out and their energies are channelized fruitfully. Besides the moral and ethical values, the rich Indian cultural heritage is also imbibed in the students.


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Sector-1, Ved Vyas Puri,(Opp - Subharti University) Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Meerut, Meerut : 250005

Head Person

Mrs. Bela Chadha

Number shows between 8AM to 6PM. Number Not Awailable.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Tuesday 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Wednesday 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Thrusday 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Friday 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Saturday 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
  • Sunday Closed - Closed